Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More somewhat illogical thoughts from this old ratbag!

A week has passed and still have not moved, saw 2 more places today, neither have the dream shed. I may have to build it myself- preferred dimensions 25 x 16 meters.
 (yes I know, dream on).  I may have to settle for a 5.5 x 6 , at least for the time being!

I have decided that after careful consideration as well as playing around in 3rd planit, my preferred CAD, the  modules will be .75 x 1.5 meters each.  This way I may be able to get away with 4 modules across the back if I can squeeze it in :)

More ideas coming to mind after careful using CAD:

  1. Each point, as the layout is DCC, is to be either servo or Blue Cobalt controlled. ( I have both and love them).
  2. The Turntable will be a standard SAR 64 foot or if I can play with the Peco 9 incher- 63 foot ( Don't ask that in meters).
  3. I can fit in 2 loops in each direction in the fiddle yard, as well as carefully placed dead ends.
  4. the main station (Gills) to have the yard in the front of the modules and Loco off the inner side, this allows for a longer main loop as well as stub end sidings.
  5. A station with "up"."down" and "back" platforms, with a short dead end for stabling Carriages or railcars ( RED HENS etc.) behind the main goods loop. The goods loop to have at least one loop off it as well as access from the Back Platform.
I attach this diagram of Aldgate in SAR days, imagine if you will, it being double line and a small branch off the "Down" end 
 Converted JPG from with thanks a great source for SAR, VR, NSWGR etc signal and track diagrams .

That is all, till next time ; dear readers, followers etc etc.  Happy modelling!

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