Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More Ramblings of a mad bloke!

What to do next?

Having thought about stuff for a couple of days I have decided the following:
Photo by D.Jackson

  1. Peco code 75 track is the way to go. Why? because it is close enough to scale height and I have a fair bit of it!
  2. Double track mainline, with as I have already said Maximum grade of 2% or 1 in 50. This makes it nearly as heavy as the real S.A.R. Hills line, but still easy to haul a scaled down train of say 15 cars maximum with 1 or 2 locomotives.
  3. Maximum train length to be 3.6 meters, may go to 4, but that is long enough.
  4. 4 The "fiddle yard " to be 5 tracks with a short return road or turnback road in the middle, say 1 meter long.The other tracks to be at least 4 meters clear.
  5. Have just one "Overland" set 9 cars max, as well as 14 other typical S.A.R. passenger cars.
  6. One "jet" , 1 "Stoney", 1 fast goods, 1 local / pick up, 1 branch goods and enough for the occasional Grain train and stock special.
  7.  Suburban types to mainly terminate at the main station- I have decided to call "GILLS" after a now deceased friend, Fred Gill MMR etc.
  8. Branch passenger train to be a Brill model 55 or 2, similar to what did Semaphore runs in Adelaide or locals, occasionally a Loco hauled passenger also on the branch.
  9. A mix of common type 4 wheel and bogie stock, most of which I already have.
  10. Run to a rough timetable, but using Car Cards, I have 2 types and may modify them to be common !
  11. Photo by unknown
  12. DCC operation, I have an N C E System with 3 throttles including a radio one, may get a 2nd Radio Cab .
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