Monday, 5 May 2014

Huge things going on, but not on my layout

SHRIKE WEBSITE - Coming, coming, coming

Prior to my sojourne south to the Hobsons Bay Club Exhibition at La Trobe University, in Melbourne's north. I had arranged with my web host company for the website finalisation- Oh boy what Murphy's Law did. First their mainframe server crashed at about 8 PM the night before Good Friday, then when someone reset it, the sites had been corrupted.
Then since I returned there has been drama after Drama.  Any way Tuesday evening May 6th shall be when they promise ( PLEASE DEAR LORD) , the website up and running, after I have no idea how many phone calls , emails etc.
I also want to thank my mate Rod Young for being such a pal and all that. I had a setback in Melbourne but won't go into it here. The exhibition was a huge learning curve for this Novice Model retail producer. But we laearn quickly, along with discussions with other manufacturers and retailers. Quite interesting how only 3 of 17 gave me negative vibes. 
Thanks Ian D. saved me heaps. ( James M, can you pass this on)

Rx, SAR 

Many many excited phone calls and emails from our South Australian Contacts. As I am producing for under $500 per, the first ready to run (Plastic) South Australian Steam engine- the Rx . The web site has all the details. ( Please Lord get them going).
 I am offering a pre arrival discount of $40 per locomotive to ensure a good response, It too is on the website. 

 The only modelling I have done since moving to the mini house ( see last Blog) has been to weather a couple of my now competition's RTR Freight wagons ( Cars in US/SAR palance) , I still intend doing a 3 section Diarama but that is on the backburner for a month or 2. 
The Albury show is my next venture, followed by Adelaide and Epping ( Thornleigh) in one weekend ( There ya go Smalls etc, free advert), so a bit more frequent flyer points tax deductable car hire, motel meals etc. I will have such a complex tax return this year, same with BAS- easy when income was $0, now it's trickling back. But I need to see what a house used to cost say 10 years ago in Sydney, come back my way before I am somewhat happy.

as of: let's be safe and say Wednesday 7th May

Till next update etc, may GOD bless you, my friends and followers. 
Geoff Hope

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Yuck, this place is too small

After The Move:

I have discovered that after moving home, even though it is only temporary, it is too small, not enough kitchen cupboards etc. Here it is February and I have at least 12 boxes unpacked inside. There is not enough room for my cooking stuff, the Garage is a joke- exactly 5.5 x 5.5  meters and chockablock. It has eaves at the rear between the garage and the house. There is a paved area about 5.5 x 6 meters so I have placed shelving under the eaves , Mainly plastic boxes are in the shelves, but a few small cardboard ones with plastic over them. my wagons are mainly in 2 cabinets in the shed along with Locos in one and other locos in boxes next to the door. My Q Block is stacked in a mess at one part of the fence side wall and 3 modules, are next to it, placed end on.


Ashton and I, left for a great little holiday on Monday 5th January, we stayed in a motel the first night at what was the Hume Highway, in South Albury. Caught up with my old mate Garry and his wife Robyn, my accountant. Tuesday we caught up with some other old friends and Ashton's Great Aunt Margeret ( MAGRAT) and her mad mob. We stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night at the country mansion of my oldest mate, Rod Young, at Allans Flat 
(Comtrain goes HO HO HO or Hobsons Bay north blogspot). It was great catching up with him and I reccommend Yackandandah for the food at the cafe there. 

From there we went to Melbourne, staying at my old mum's for 4 nights. I was sick on the Friday and we did nothing- may have been mum's cooking!!! On Monday we caught up with friends at Packenham, about 1 hour or so from Melbourne, staying at the Motel at Officer, not a bad place. 

Tuesday saw us go to Lakes Entrance, staying at a Caravan Park on site Van . A good time there with Ashton catching his first fish- a Waaloo I was told by a local Aboriginal Lady. it was so small, but Ashton was so excited. I caught nothing whilst a bloke about 8 meters from me caught a nice about 12 pound what I assume was a Bass Straight yellow belly or maybe a Barracudda. Oh well ! We stayed 3 nights at Lakes Entrance. 
After Lakes Entrance we went to Eden, for only 2 nights ( darn it) ,, Staying in another on site Cabin- this one was SO SO NICE inside, I wish we had stayed 4 nights. Opposite a great beach and we went to the whaling station museum and other sightseeing places. 

Then we made the mistake of a night in a dingy motel at Bega, with the world's worst Chinese feed. MSG city and the Chinese Smorgasbord was so over cooked it was impallatable. We gave up after that and later in the night had a ham sandwich each.  

Next day, Monday we were off to Canberra, stopping at Cooma for lunch,  it was a great meal there. We booked into our Cabin in the north side of Canberra and after unpacking etc, I had to throw up- that Chinese food had given me a small food poisoning. I was OK about an hour later so we drove around Canberra, finding a few sights and getting lost with my GPS telling lies.  Tuesday had us at the War memorial and museum then Parliament House to see where so many BAD mistakes have been made. Then in the evening, dinner with a lovely couple I know Rau and Lorna. Rau drove the Silver Fern in NZ and fired for me when I was playing trains at Southern and Silverton. 
Wednesday saw is return to the slums of Sydney :( after a 16 day, 2760 KM soujourn. 

THE POSSIBILITIES of doing something in this hovel:

I looked at the "Family room, which is about 7 meters long and thought 
" Here's a possibility! Place a small diorama with those 3 sections against the wall. It will fit if I move the couch around."
So, dear reader, that is what I will be doing over the next 2 weeks. Including the 1 meter legs, 100 mm framing and 25  mm Base, that gives me a small display 750 mm by 4.7 M long, 1125 mm high to build a roughly 3.25 meter loop, Silo road and say a goods shed and stock siding. A bit of simple scenery and a couple of small shops, a few houses ad a country service station will take say 6 months to do properly.
I will be able to display my RTR Locomotives on it, and as my first Loco is a NSWGR steam this layout will be a bit generic, with stobie poles etc going in later to make it South Australian. The Station and platform will be removable, so I can do a ground level SAR one later. This will be against the wall of my Home layout at the new place.
Speaking of which, I have done some work in 3rdPlanit on the new design, a huge ammendment taking the floor plan to 8.5 x 24 meters in total- yes I have the Land for it as well as a nice BIG house with 4 car Garage, Pool and another shed for business etc. More later!

Well dear reader, that is about it for a while, I will take a few photos as I assemble the Display modules, lay track and begin scenicking, stay tuned for exciting updates! God Bless you all and thanks Col ( Rev Col) for the support emails. Catch you at some NMRA thingy. Hopey