Monday, 5 May 2014

Huge things going on, but not on my layout

SHRIKE WEBSITE - Coming, coming, coming

Prior to my sojourne south to the Hobsons Bay Club Exhibition at La Trobe University, in Melbourne's north. I had arranged with my web host company for the website finalisation- Oh boy what Murphy's Law did. First their mainframe server crashed at about 8 PM the night before Good Friday, then when someone reset it, the sites had been corrupted.
Then since I returned there has been drama after Drama.  Any way Tuesday evening May 6th shall be when they promise ( PLEASE DEAR LORD) , the website up and running, after I have no idea how many phone calls , emails etc.
I also want to thank my mate Rod Young for being such a pal and all that. I had a setback in Melbourne but won't go into it here. The exhibition was a huge learning curve for this Novice Model retail producer. But we laearn quickly, along with discussions with other manufacturers and retailers. Quite interesting how only 3 of 17 gave me negative vibes. 
Thanks Ian D. saved me heaps. ( James M, can you pass this on)

Rx, SAR 

Many many excited phone calls and emails from our South Australian Contacts. As I am producing for under $500 per, the first ready to run (Plastic) South Australian Steam engine- the Rx . The web site has all the details. ( Please Lord get them going).
 I am offering a pre arrival discount of $40 per locomotive to ensure a good response, It too is on the website. 

 The only modelling I have done since moving to the mini house ( see last Blog) has been to weather a couple of my now competition's RTR Freight wagons ( Cars in US/SAR palance) , I still intend doing a 3 section Diarama but that is on the backburner for a month or 2. 
The Albury show is my next venture, followed by Adelaide and Epping ( Thornleigh) in one weekend ( There ya go Smalls etc, free advert), so a bit more frequent flyer points tax deductable car hire, motel meals etc. I will have such a complex tax return this year, same with BAS- easy when income was $0, now it's trickling back. But I need to see what a house used to cost say 10 years ago in Sydney, come back my way before I am somewhat happy.

as of: let's be safe and say Wednesday 7th May

Till next update etc, may GOD bless you, my friends and followers. 
Geoff Hope


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