Monday, 25 February 2013

Another week, not much happening.

In my last Blog, I mentioned that I was using Capral aluminium as framing. I received a message about the cost of Capral. Well Gary L. For some stupid reason I cannot reply to Messages, so I am doing it here. 

 I bought the Capral Qubelock and corner/connector pieces directly from them some 3 years ago and have not needed any more since then. It came in 2.4 meter sections and if my memory serves me correctly it was (as I said 3 years ago) $18.00 per section. Bunnings have pretty much the same stuff but it is slightly more expensive. Caprals web site is :

The stuff I use is 807853 E22120 25 3 RAD 6.5 100 100 Mill Finish 6060 T5 4.491 from the catalogue you can download. 

A very small amount of work in converting a USRA Light Pacific into a SAR 600 Class steamer happened this week- I moved the bell from above the headlight to the standard SAR place, behind the buffer beam. I also very carefully removed the Mid framing from the crew windows. I will post the photos as soon as I move and find my camera. 

On other things, we caught up with some other members of AREDORRA a facebook group for railway people, mainly drivers etc but other rail people are welcome.  I am BBIC ( Boss Bastard In Charge ) and founded the group some 20 months ago.     
We met up  for a social afternoon on Saturday, whilst there were not as many as expected, turn up, the people who did had a great time.  The next social event is the Albury Wodonga Rail reunion on March 16/17.  link :

Gee I put some miles in just for the heck of it.

Still no move as yet but I have faith that a new Home , with shed will eventuate soon ! Oh by the way the 25x 16 is a pipe dream, I will be happy with around 15 x 7 meters !

More soon dear readers, Happy Modelling and God Bless, Hopey

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