Friday, 15 February 2013

4th Blog of this mad persons mind.

Well dear reader , we come to week 3 of still no new home, another lovely injection in my right eye- more Avastin and some good improvement on my broken Cornea.
 I can now see a lot better out of it and I am PRAYING Hard for a total healing.

Now back to the layout and trains.

Not much to report this last 7 days, I attended an NMRA meeting at John Montgomery's place last Saturday, bloody hot in his unlined shed, but the food, clinics and fellowship were good. I also made some good contacts with other Bloggers- Rowan Magnion , being one. as well as someone who I think will help me and I him in Decal design; but more of that later.

I have purchased some USRA Light Mikados, for conversion into S A R 710 class locos, an easy conversion, using my 2 foot - looks great rule.  I also recently recieved  5 USRA Light Pacifics, 3 more than I need so on E Bay they will go quite soon. Unless someone here wants them- mates rates are  $275 plus postage, brand new in boxes with all documentation, Broadway Limited Paragon @ and listed at $299 US- so a bargain you will get. 2 are Undecorated and 1 is decalled by them for Boston and Maine.  

 If interested email me at:  for details by Midnight on  Tuesday the 19th of Febuary 2013. If not sold by then they go on EBAY next day at a higher starting price !

I have started assembling the basic framework, using Capril aluminium and dimensions overall are 775MM x 1550 MM x 100 MM with the upper area being braced at the half way mark ( well close) . it is quite sturdy and I have walked on it (95 KG) with no dramas. I have made some simple Trestles out of good old 2 x 1 ( 56mm x 22mm) . they will do for the time being, though I have thoughts of Capril hold in type legs attached via good quality  Hinges, attached to the lower part of the frames. 

As to electrical connections, between Modules, I am using some special plugs I got from Jaycar, 10 connections per and rated for 40 Amps.  I will post photos as soon as I can find my camera, after we finally move.

That is it for the time being. Happy modelling and God Bless you . Bye for now.

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  1. Looking forward to the pics of the framing. How does it compare, pricewise, to timber ??