Monday, 2 December 2013

The move= part 1

it's only temporary:

Well dear readers, here I am sitting at the keyboard instead of final packing. Why? I hear you ask. Because my back, arms, legs and every part of me hurts like hell, that's why.
I move into the new place in Kellyville( Sydney north west suburb) in less than 24 hours, my garage is a mess, blue foam board, pieces of 7MM 3ply, and box after box after box in there, Hired a skip to get rid of rubbish- the rotten bugger did not take a double bed mattress, that had seen better years. so - FREE TO GOOD HOME, one double bed mattress!.

Thoughts of the week:

Oh lord, make this new place better than here! So many dramas occured in this place! I need a fresh start!

Colourful enough for you??

OK back to the main blog mission: The layout, as one would know by now, it is now in pieces, with some Qubelock framed and some Wood, Modules. I had 6 built and track layed on 4. all wired as per the standard DCC ideas, and 3 modules have points, using Servos as point motors- I like them, they are easy to install etc. 
When I move tomorrow, the layout is going to be on hold for a while, I may work on a module or 2, perhaps some scenery, as well as fine tuning track. I have been reading about many ideas on other blogs, when not packing etc etc .

So where to from here???

The place is a rental and HOPEFULLY I will get the big property next year, so as I can build that dream layout, in a purpose built shed, similar to my old Mate: Rod Young. ( ), There ya go mate- free advertising.  Perhaps a bit larger than his ( internal dimensions) 7 x 20 meter shed. Everything is on hold whilst the project I spoke about comes to fruition.  Speaking of which, I sent money in US$ to china while the Aust $ was 96 cents, today it is a mere $91c. 
BOOO sayeth this new player in the Aussie ready to run market. 

Any way enough ramblings and talking , must get back to filling boxes with stuff- non essentials like Cutlery etc :)
God Bless and catch up soon, Geoff Hope

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