Thursday, 10 October 2013


Well, dear followers. A lot has happened over the last few months.
At the moment I will not say what, but Steam will rule my layout ! I have formed a partnership with a well known modeller and another not so well known modeller. We have started negotiations with a Chinese manufacturer and , Hopefully, our first product will be here before the next Liverpool exhibition. 

I will not say more but there will be 2 Loco classes from 2 states coming in at first.  Wagons, Carriages and Brake Vans are planned to follow.
Other manufacturers and importers have been spoken with so I and my "TEAM" do not encroach on them.

as usual it was HUGE and so much of my $$$$ went. 
Apart from discussions with so many old mates, manufacturers etc etc I had a few minutes to look at a few layouts in detail. a Wonderful upgrade on Wyee, as well as Binalong . I also found the TANODEN Japanese layout very interesting and spoke at length with the operators.

Layout Progress:
Nothing is happening at the moment as I have a room full of boxes etc where the layout should be. 

Well all that is it for the moment, God Bless you, More soon

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