Wednesday, 8 May 2013

PLANNING makes for perfect

Random thoughts turn to a Plan well executed.

I have put the thinking cap and my 3rd planit CAD program to good use lately. The first part is the fiddle yard, on a base 750 mm wide I can fit 4 tracks in either direction (let's call them up and down) plus the 2 through roads. I am using for the spacing between the through roads, the distance of 2 medium points, placed end to end of the turnout or 51mm. for each Fiddle track I am using 65 mm between them. this gives my fingers a bit of lee way to pick up etc rolling stock. on the outer edge I am allowing 70 mm- close to 3 inches and 3 mm MDF on the edge 10 mm above track height to stop those horrible messes when a valuable or otherwise item hits the deck!

The simple arithmetic for this is:

( Measurements are for TRACK CENTERS )  

OPTION 1 :Edge 0 mm' track 4 "UP' :70 mm, track 3 Up :135 mm, track 2 up :200 mm,track 1 Up: 265 mm and the Up through road: 330 mm . Then just the Peco 51 mm for the Down Through road giving us 381 mm. Track 1 Down: 446 mm, Track 2 Down: 511 mm, track 3 Down: 576 mm and track 4 Down: 641 mm. As you can see there is enough room for an extra track but I wont use it. the track edge of track 4 Down is 653 mm. this leaves me a bit of room for point runs etc. 
If I go Option 2 the maths will change to add an extra track on each level.


as certain US modellers use:

  • I am assuming that I have about 3.5 by 8 meters to play with and my track plans are done for this area. I may have to change it when I actually move, (Hopefully soon) to the new Hope home !
  • I am using code 100 track for the fiddle yard and hidden track , code 75 Peco for the track seen by the "punter" and may do a couple of hand laid points as time goes by.
  • I have 2 options on my planned layout. Option 1: is a simple Rectagon using mainly 750 mm wide sections. it only allows m 1 station on the branch. Option 2 is for hidden Turn backs  which would allow me, on the Main 2 stations and on the branch 3 stations , 2 small ones say 1600 mm or so long and one terminus somewhat longer.
  •  I prefer this one as I can put an extra staging track in with 90 mm height difference on the up and down tracks. 
  • I also have plans for scratchbuilding a SAR turntable for "GILLS" my main station. I'd like a 5 road roundhouse with 3 extra tracks and a longer Loco lead or leads but reality has set in.
  • I have not as yet finalised option 2, but will show you my ideas next blog. When I turn the CAD drawings (DXF) to Bitmaps ( BMP) so I can load it for all to read .

Well that is it for now, Happy modelling and Blogging and may GOD bless you .

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