Sunday, 21 April 2013

A short Update


Well dear readers, followers and fans- a few dramas have delayed proceedings even more. I have had a few health issues and my lovely Fiance Janette has had a few as well. 
Then last Sunday at 0207 Hours, we get a phone call saying Janette's youngest son Kyle is at Blacktown hospital with a spinal injury. 

 He had actually broken his neck ! !!  For those of you who know such things: a fracture of T 2 (Thoracics 2nd bone) right where the neck and back join. This week has been one from Hell, with him transferred to Westmead Hospital, and getting a Neck brace to wear all the time, as well as a back brace to wear whilst sitting up, walking etc.

He came home on Thursday night and like all 17 year olds, knows better than the Doctors etc. He went out with a couple of mates on Friday night but actually came home before 5 AM :)

I as Vice President of H.M.R.S.,  had been on duty Friday and Saturday at the Holroyd City Festival Model rail exhibition at Merrylands Bowling Club. I was supposed to be back at 2 PM on Sunday for finish, pack up etc. with Kyle and his mate Dave helping us- great having 17 YO s to help carry stuff. That did not happen, instead a bedside vigil once he had a bed at Westmead.



The Holroyd Exhibition was a joke, very very few members of the general public attended. This was no fault of HMRS but the local council people who did not advertise it, nor did the club , in it's magazine. I think total numbers Saturday was about 50. Still  we got paid for attendance- poorly may I add.

Other wise I have not done much at all. Sold a bit of excess Locos and rolling stock on Evil Bay, and have mucked around with layout plans for the 6x3 meter one and the dream 7.5 x 22 Meter one I'd love :)

Well People that is it for the time being.
Happy modelling and GOD BLESS YOU


  1. Do you guys attend Vinyard Church?

  2. Yes Steven we surely do, come up and say hello next week :) God Bless- Hopey.

  3. I'll be at the 10:30 service. Hopefully it will be good weather and I can ride my cruiser up look for my ride its name is 'Godly Fear'. I clicked that you go there when we as a church prayed for Kyle. Kyle and I have something in common, I have recovered with God's help from 4 spinal breaks 15 years ago. It would be good to talk to him

  4. Great Steven, yes that is him. we will be at the 10:30. Also as far as I know I am not on set up team this week :)
    See you at SALT afterwards when we do coffee etc .